Mark becomes Patron of Core Landscapes in Whitechapel

On a very cold December day, Mark visited the wonderful meaningful garden in Whitechapel, run by Core Landscapes. This is a fully transportable garden, with plants growing in pots, shipping containers for storage and two large polytunnels. The visitors and regular users of the garden are all local and tend for the plants under the keen eye of Nemone Mercer, the horticultural therapist and manager. This garden is a miraculous oasis amid a very built-up area, right next to Barts Hospital. One the day Mark visited a patient from Intensive Care, who could see the garden from the hospital window, was so determined to come down that she managed with the help of some great nurses, wrapped up nice and warm. Mark visited because they had recently won the Groundwork Community Garden Award for Health and Wellbeing. Mark met with the regulars, was fed copious amounts of cake and mince pies and we all had a great time, despite the cold.

Mark was so taken by the incredible work undertaken at the garden and is delighted to announce that he has become Core Landscape’s Patron. Mark had this to say:

There are so many unused spaces in built-up areas, many deprived, where residents only get to see flowers in the supermarket or at the grocers, but Core Landscapes has brought this transportable meaningful garden, from their previous site in Canning Town, to an open space, designated for green space by Whitechapel Public Health and Barts Hospital. The space is temporary, but it is Core Landscapes wish that a space like this can be a permanent spot to not only nurture plants but also to nurture people, vulnerable people, individuals with mental health and physical health issues. The corporate days are a resounding success and Nemone has plans to invite other organisations to take part in a very worthwhile cause, while at the same time build new relationships, and improve the employees’ health and wellbeing. Being so closely located to the hospital, Nemone has a very long list from clinicians and consultants who believe in the project and who hope to start using the space on a more regular basis. I am absolutely delighted to become their Patron, and I know there is much more we can all do to improve our cities, reduce pollutants through the use of green spaces, lower the ‘heat island’ effect, and just as important to create a community, a hub where anyone can come along, get their hands in the soil, or hammer in some nails, make new friends and be part of a truly positive and remarkable cause … I also look forward to next year’s Christmas mince pies and mulled wine.”

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