TV & Radio Broadcaster, Voiceover, Writer and Garden Designer

I really love @MarkLaneTV ‘s forensic analysis of design elements. He explains why, what’s not immediately obvious to the untrained eye, something works, in a really relaxed way without ever being patronising or dumbing-down. That is some skill


What a fantastic @GWandShows ..glorious Denmans retuning to fine form and a brilliant concise piece on the master John Brookes style by @MarkLaneTV

@MarkLaneTV is one of the best, loved it. Your slot was truly beautiful…

Mark Lane has a diverse portfolio of work

Mark Lane is a TV presenter (BBC), TV interviewer (BBC), radio broadcaster (BBC Radio 4, BBC Radio Kent, BBC Radio Teeside, BBC Three Counties, BBC Radio Leicester and Wycombe Sound), published writer (Biography), Patron and Ambassador for five charities and an award-winning garden designer.

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